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Hi, I'm Thomas Dedinsky

With my background in Computer Engineering and leadership activities, I approach any given task with a practical toolset of knowledge, critical thinking, and persistence which allows me to thrive in its completion.

I’m Thomas Dedinsky, a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a BaSC in Computer Engineering and a minor in Combinatorics and Optimization. I've worked software development jobs in the past at Intel, Qualcomm, Infinera, Veeva, DND, and Bayer, and have expertise in many languages including C/C++, Javascript, Python, Java, and more. I spent almost a decade moderating the Discord and Reddit communities of TwitchPlaysPokemon, and helping organize and run the Future Aces Leadership Conference, with lots of involvement in my school's Engineering Society. I'm an aspiring leader and computer engineer with lots of experience in both fronts!


SoC Design Engineer - Intel of Canada

I helped develop the DDRT protocol for memory units implemented in Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGAs and Optane Persistent Memory units. The main task I had was implementing the AXI4 interface protocol to account for a proprietary hardware change, which involved modification of a lot of TCL and pin layout files to connect all of the components together. Additionally, I fixed some issues by debugging Verilog and spent a lot of time on test verification to prevent regression.

Embedded Display Software Engineer - Qualcomm Canada

I developed for and validated the Snapdragon ASIC’s software quad-pipe implementation as part of the Linux Kernel team for Android devices to allow for higher resolution displays. This involved working with and publishing code to both proprietary and open source Linux Kernel repositories. Additionally, I created an automated user/kernelspace testing script, including a DTSI grammar implementation for said script.

Firmware Design Engineer - Infinera Corporation

I optimized the firmware simulation code for our next generation chip, increasing run-time efficiency by over 30%, by changing variable ownership between languages through the use of MEX functions, using preprocessor metaprogramming for code generation to standardize inconsistent variable conversion methods, and reducing read-modify-write calls. I also created an automated testing suite using Jenkins and Microsoft Azure which ran simulations on remote servers via repo commit.

Intern Software Engineer - Veeva Systems

Most of my work was dedicated to our Veeva Network app, a life sciences software solution focused on large-scale management of health care professionals and organizations, working on various features full stack. These included the complete backend of our profile layout management feature and major improvements to our machine learning annotator tool. Additionally, I headed a few side projects, including the creation of an automated API documentation tool and production of our new machine learning model.

Mobile Developer - Department of National Defence

I mainly developed and released a mental health-focus app, molding activities and utilities engineered to aid awareness and management of your mental health by implementing research in a practical application. Additionally, I improved an offline resource and utility app designed for Canadian troops in Latvia by creating a content manager system to allow code-illiterate personnel to repurpose the application. Both apps, R2MR and CAT, were endorsed by the General of Canada. Worked in a hybrid development environment, releasing both on Android and iOS using Ember.js and Cordova.

Software Developer - Bayer Pharmaceutical and Radiology

I helped work on improving our medical software, Radimetrics, mainly through implementing new features and fixing bugs for currently existing ones. I spearheaded the development of an increasingly requested, but complicated multi-modality feature, which replaced the previously hack-jobbed system with sustainable code. I also responded to customer's requests and made customized code for their hospital as well as tested and made sure our software ran properly on and upgraded to our supported operating systems. I did this by creating and maintaining 4 servers running virtual machines of various Linux versions and utilizing Jenkins to run and develop automated tests.

Various Other Jobs

Worked as a Canadian Tire Sales Associate (September 2014 - July 2016), Lifeguard (July 2015 - July 2016), Several Landscaping Jobs (July 2013 - August 2013), and as a Paper Boy (July 2010 - August 2013).


WCAM Web Services - Java/Spring Boot

I created a Spring Boot project built in Java for the purposes of prototyping the web services for a wearable cardiovascular abnormality monitor. This was made for the purposes of the capstone design project which spans the entirety of the fourth year of an Engineering degree. I designed a multi-level account management, a two-medium alert system (web and SMS), and a visually appealing database wrapper with various search options to navigate it.


CEC Programming Competition Lead - Node.js

I created the code that powered the Canadian Engineering Competition 2019 programming competition. Competitors this year were tasked with creating an artificial intelligence which controlled a specialized autonomous cleaner, tasked to clean a semi-formal eatery in an efficient manner. I focused on making the challenge language-agnostic by creating an API server for competitors to interact with, as well as easy to comprehend for judges and beta testers, achieved by providing an interactive visual during the presentation phase. There was also focus on creating an engineering problem rather than just a programming problem, a design philosophy that made this simultaneous location and mapping problem have flexibility of solution approach with ambiguity of a "correct" path, made the solution is dependent as opposed to an isolated product, and made the challenge easy to complete but hard to optimize.

Orientation Week Website - JS/PHP/CSS/Bootstrap

I designed, implemented, and maintained the Orientation Week website in a pseudo-scrum way using industry practices, creating a responsive front-end web design for various size screens on both desktop and mobile. I also made a dynamic user-based system with various roles using smart database management.

Various Scripts - Python

I fully utilized PRAW, Reddit’s API, to log flair and emote usage, mass implement different flair layouts, migrate existing users to new flairs, and automatically flair posts based on keywords. For work I've also created a Markdown to Swagger-YAML script for API documentation, JSON to CSV script for massive data transfer, and fixed a PDF Highlight transfer tool for version differences on manuals.

Data Structures App - Android

I converted a Data Structures course at the University of Waterloo to a mobile application by the request of the professor, with a JSON to SQL database system implemented. It features interactive code snippets, quizzes and textbook excerpts based on the coursework to enhance students' experience.

Reddit Updater to Discord Bot - Node.js

I created a trans-platform bot on my Virtual Private Server based on popular user request. It parses a reddit live updater feed to send/manage messages on Discord asynchronously and can run independently without any errors, only modified using simple configuration commands.

Various Games - Java

I programmed a 2-4 player visual version of Snakes And Ladders using Java, with enhanced mechanics like dueling, fast-forward/play/stop/slow buttons, an auto-looping feature, and testing tools in order to enhance the original board game experience. I also created a visual quiz game which picked 8 multiple-choice questions from a deep pool of personality based questions in order to determine what personality type you most associate with. Other games included Rock Paper Scissors and Battleship.

Tetris The Grandmaster Edition - Python

Over the course of two weekends, I created a playable version of Tetris using Python and added enhancements including enhanced graphics, complicated scoring scheme, scaling difficulty, multiplayer, and other gameplay mechanics to replicate the arcade series of the same name. It can be played 1-2 players, however pygame is required to run it.

imgrep - JS/CSS

I attended Hack the North 2017 and worked in a team with OCR to convert images into text to be searched for using user-requested phrases. Specifically, I assisted with the design ideas and the frontend, creating a visual web wrapper based on its shell script capabilities.

Quest Transcript Reordering - JS

A script to reorder UWaterloo's Quest Unofficial Transcript system to make it reverse-chronological. Tested on Firefox using Tampermonkey. Please note that, while it does successfully reorder the data, using the Print function afterwards will use the original version.


Discord and Subreddit Moderator - TwitchPlaysPokemon

I worked with a team of moderators regarding both user discipline and server management. This effort was made possible by my revamp of the staffing structure, which allowed for the moderation team to be active and involved in all major decisions made. I also actively tried to enhance the user experience of the community. This included running a live reporting group which provided up to 24/7 coverage of stream events, organizing weekly community events for users to engage in, and highlighting the contributions of users through the community front-page, news updates, and yearly awards showcase.

Rec Advisor and Group Leader - Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation

I helped run a yearly, 3-day, 200-delegate conference dedicated to empowering youth by helping them find the leader within them. I worked both before the event with preparing it and during the event, by helping create delegation groups, running various leadership workshops, and contacting guest speakers. I have been both a group leader, working directly with a small 15-person group throughout the conference, and as a rec advisor, organizing the activities the whole conference went through during the weekend.

VP Academic - Waterloo Engineering Society

I acted as an elected representative of the Engineering student body population. I attend various committees with other faculty executives and staff members advocating on behalf of the collective opinions of students and from EngSoc council-mandated stances. I also headed some academic and co-op initiatives, such as leading the drive and implementation of strengthened co-op injury and near miss policy, compiling and presenting a thorough report regarding relative ranking in assignment grading, and improving the functionality of the exam bank website by revamping the theme and submissions.

Fundraiser - Global Youth Leaders Conference

Global Youth Leaders Conference was a 10-day conference in Washington, D.C. and New York City that was mainly focused on international politics and leadership building. I did a fundraiser at my school by creating 84 "365 Note Jars" and, after advertising the fundraiser to my peers, selling them. I received a $1000 USD scholarship towards this raised over $1600 through my fundly (https://fundly.com/sending-thomas-to-gylc). A recap of it can be seen here: http://thomasgylc.tumblr.com/

Campaign Volunteer - Chris Bittle, MP

Performed a variety of tasks to help constituents and Chris, such as creating monthly event agendas in order to increase community engagement. I also contacted Liberal Party, Local Ministers, Municipal MPs/MPPs, and Tax Revenue Canada for relevant matters to address our constituents’ concerns.

Extracurriculars - University of Waterloo

Vice President Academic for EngSoc, UW Euchre Club Member/Communications Lead, Orientation Week Huge and Website Director, EngSoc Advertising Commissioner, EngSoc Council Speaker, EngSoc Inclusivity Director, UW Canada Day Director, Engineering Exam Bank Director, Secretary for EngSoc Council/Board of Directors/General Meeting, International Student Volunteer for Renison College, Woolwich Residence Council Member.

Supervisor - The Arthritis Society

Worked 110 hours as a gift wrapper, wrapped gifts for people diagnosed with Arthritis who are unable to wrap them themselves and others who wanted to donate to this generous cause. I was also a supervisor of this operation, managing our wrapping supplies and money.

Extracurriculars - Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Student Council, Me to We, Catholic School Council, Pilgrimage, Phoenix for Change, School Reach, Mathletes, School Play, Tutoring, Eco-Schools, Ski Club, SEAC, Student Senate, Chaplain's Crew, Relay for Life. For more detail: http://thomasdedinsky.com/docs/SaintFrancisActivities.pdf

Other Leadership Conferences I Attended - Various

CFES Congress (http://cfes.ca/congress/), Forum for Young Canadians (http://forum.ca), COLS (http://www.cols.ca/), OSLC (http://ylcc.com/student-conferences), OCSLC (Happens bi-yearly, no registered site), Carpe Diem (http://futurestudents.kings.uwo.ca/events/carpe-diem/), TORCH (http://www.jerichohouse.org/programs.html), ACTIVATE Niagara (http://www.motivatecanada.ca/en/home-activate)


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University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Computer Engineering, 2021. Combinatorics and Optimization Minor and Global Experience Certificate recipient.

Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)

Exchange Term, Computer Engineering. Resume - UTC A19: http://thomasdedinsky.com/docs/ResumeUTCA19.pdf

Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

High School Diploma. Graduation Awards: http://thomasdedinsky.com/docs/GraduationAwards.pdf