Welcome to Thomas Dedinsky's Website

Hi, I'm Thomas Dedinsky

You can look along the left side to see some of my coding experience over the years. It's divided up mainly by language, but each experience will have a description and a picture. When applicable, there will be links to some of the projects so you can download and try them out for yourself.


Software Developer - Bayer

I helped work on improving our medical software, Radimetrics, mainly through implementing new features and fixing bugs for currently existing ones. I spearheaded the development of an increasingly requested, but complicated feature, which the improvements affected the entire application. I also responded to customer's requests and made customized code for their hospital as well as tested and made sure our software ran properly on and upgraded to our supported operating systems. I did this by creating and maintaining 4 servers running virtual machines of various Linux versions and utilizing Jenkins to run and develop automated tests. I was mainly a frontend and backend developer in a scrum/agile environment, using Java, PostgreSQL, XSLT, Flash (Flex/Spark), MXML, and Actionscript effectively.


2048 - Hand Gesture Edition

I created a fully-functioning version of the popular game 2048, with one catch; it's hand-gesture controlled. It uses smart object-oriented programming and conservative graphics in order to make it compatible with even the slowest Android device.

Snakes And Ladders GUI

I programmed a 2-4 player visual version of Snakes And Ladders using Java, with several enhanced mechanics like dueling (thrown in to keep it interesting), and also additional features like fast-forward/play/stop/slow buttons, an auto-looping mode, and testing tools in order to build upon the original board game experience. Looks best on Windows.

Auto-Randomizing Quiz GUI

Created a visual quiz game which picked 8 multiple-choice questions from a deep pool of personality based questions in order to determine what personality type you most associate with. Based off of the intro quiz from the popular Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

Best of the Rest - High School

I made some other Java programs during high school, most weren't part of the curriculum. Included in the download is Local Chat Client GUI, Rock Paper Scissors GUI, Landscaping Finances Calculator, and Battleship GUI.


Tetris - The Grandmaster Edition

Over the course of two weekends, I created a playable version of Tetris using Python and added enhancements including enhanced graphics, complicated scoring scheme, scaling difficulty, multiplayer, and other gameplay mechanics to replicate the arcade series of the same name. It can be played 1-2 players, however pygame is required to run it.

Reddit Scripts using Reddit's API

I created a bunch of scripts using Reddit's API, PRAW, in order to do some convenient tasks, such as counting the number of instances of a phrases in the comments of the last 1000 posts, or to mass change everyone's flair from A to B based on what flair they had previously, or to count the number of users using each flair on the subreddit.


Simple Computer Simulator

I simulated assembly code, taking in assembly instructions, determining their validity and using complex parsing to output how the computer interprets the given commands. It works for all of your basic and intermediate operands, like load/store, arithmetic/logic unit, and compare/jump. Command-line input/output.

String Class

I made the String class entirely out of char arrays, with all of the expected functions like comparing and concatinating.

Text File Word Search

I created a program which took in a text file and let you search for specific words and the number of occurances of those words, the shortest/longest word, and the average length of the words.


First-Year/Leader Orientation Website

Co-created the website, with a design that is ease-of-use with lots of dynamic functionality. To give you an idea (because I can't link it since it is for certain Waterloo students only), it's this design, but with more features like the ability to manage a profile, a scrolling picture bar, and more! It is used by over 2,500 registered users and has frequent updates.

Reddit - /r/twitchplayspokemon

I co-created and help regular maintain this theme, adding new features like colour themes and randomized mail box notifications, emotes, custom user flairs, scrolling sidebar pics, hover over buttons that pop the background pic out front, etc. It's always a fun challenge considering reddit limits you to a 100 kb stylesheet and only css, and you have to figure out creative ways to accomplish your vision (i.e. the randomization for the mailbox image is based on the logout url reddit generates).